Ballroom and Latin

If you are wondering which class is suitable for you the following is a guide to the levels we teach.

Absolute Beginner   Suitable for anyone who has never danced before
Improver   For anyone who has attended beginner classes ( with us or elsewhere)
Intermediate   For anyone who has attended classes for at least 18 months (with us or elsewhere)

Class Timetables

St Johns Ambulance, Wright Street, Southport

TUESDAY   7:00pm to 7:45pm   Beginners Ballroom and Latin
TUESDAY   7:45pm to 8:30pm   Improvers Ballroom and Latin
TUESDAY   8:30pm to 9:15pm   Intermediate Ballroom and Latin
TUESDAY   9:30pm   Practice Dance, Tea and Biscuits


Lord Street West United Church Halls, Southport

THURSDAY    1.00pm to 7.45pm   Beginners Ballroom and Latin
THURSDAY   7:45pm to 8:30pm   Improver/Intermediate Sequence
THURSDAY   8:30pm to 9:15pm   Intermediate Ballroom and Latin
THURSDAY   9:30pm   Practice Dance, Tea and Biscuits
Our last classes for 2017 will be on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th December, classes will re-commence on Thursday 4th and then Tuesday 9th January 2018        

Here are some details on the different dance styles you will learn in our lessons.

Ballroom Dances


The real beginnings of Ballroom Dancing was the Waltz. Originally a fast dance, today's Waltz was developed by British Teachers in the 1920's and is a slow flowing dance.


Originally from Argentina, the Modern Tango is an arrogant, staccato dance with plenty of head flicks.

Slow Foxtrot

The Foxtrot was orignally a trotting style dance developed by American music hall performer Harry Fox.  British dance teachersadapted it into a partner dance and it is now an elegant, graceful dance to slow music.

Social Foxtrot

An easy, social dance using slow foxtrot music. Ideal for beginners.


Derived from the Charleston, the Quickstep is fast and fun to dance.

Latin American Dances


The Rumba is the original Latin Dance, coming from the island of Cuba.  Today the Rumba is a romantic and flirtaceous dance known as "The Dance of Lover".

Cha Cha

The Cha Cha is the newcomer of the Latin Dances.  It became popular in America in the 1950's.  Faster than a Rumba and fun to dance.

The Jive

Ballroom Jive is derived from Swing.  It has bouncy rhythms and is a fast, energetic dance with flicks and kicks.


A carnival dance from Brazil with a joyful rhythm.  First introduced in the US in the late 1920's, the Ballroom Samba is now danced to faster music.






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This week teaching beginner Waltz and Rumba at 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday - EVERYONE WELCOME!

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