"I was extremely proud to be part of your 30th anniversary celebration, it was flawlessly organised in a World class professional way"
Jonny Baxter, bandleader of Mystique , October 2016 (30th Anniversary Dance, Prince of Wales Hotel)

"It was a brilliant night.  Thank you for all your hard work" 
Karen Phillips, October 2016 (30th Anniversary Dance, Prince of Wales Hotel)

"Brilliant night again.  Thanks for organising it Lee"
Pat Allen, August 2016 (Chris Hopkins Evening)

"It was a lovely night thank you, looking forward now to lots more"
Anne Summers, August 2016 (Chris Hopkins evening)

"It was a fabulous evening"
Irene Molyneux, July 2016 (Chris Hopkins evening)

"Hello Lee and Wayne, Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Nadya and I had a fabulous weekend.  The venue was great, EVERYBODY was so warm and welcoming" 
Jan Trzcinski, June 2016 (Ballroom Dancing weekend at Gilsland Spa Hotel, Cumbria) 

"Dear Lee and Wayne, thank you for organising the Scarborough weekend, I really appreciated all that you did. It was a wonderful weekend as they ALL have been"
Anne Bradley, June 20016 (Line Dancing weekend at Esplanade Hotel, Scarborough)